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December 12, 2023: What I Would Wear To Run Errands

Black super puff jacket, striped sweater, black faux leather leggings, sunglasses, bouclé bag, boots

American links: Coat, sweater, leggings, sunglasses, bag, boots

When tackling winter errands, my style mantra is comfort without compromise. Enter the Aritzia Super Puff Jacket—a chilly weather essential that strikes the perfect balance between warmth and sophistication. The long version is my secret weapon, especially during dog walks when an extra long layer is a game-changer.

For a swift yet stylish ensemble, my go-to starts with the cult-favorite faux leather leggings paired effortlessly with an oversized sweater. While my trusted J.Crew Nordic boots have been a staple for years, the latest version adds an extra level of coziness. A recent favorite, the bouclé handbag, has become the perfect winter touch, flawlessly completing my outfits.

So, spill the beans—what's your fail-proof, go-to outfit for conquering errands with ease? ❄️🛍️

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