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Two days down, 27 more to go!

I've been picking up on a pattern with the items filling up my virtual cart lately: they all seem to have one thing in common—Instagram. It's like a vortex of temptation every time I mindlessly scroll through my feed.

Today's addition to the list of maybes is this raincoat. Now, I don't reside in a particularly rainy city, but for some inexplicable reason, I felt an urgent need for this coat! I'll toss it onto the list and see if by the end of the month, I'm still feeling that same level of desire. Who knows, maybe it'll be the next staple in my wardrobe or just another passing whim

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One day down, 28 more to go!

It's funny how often the urge to buy something creeps into my mind throughout the day. My default move is to skim through my emails, hunting for enticing sales. But then comes the internal debate: do I truly want these items, or am I just enticed by a seemingly unbeatable deal? I'm also coming to terms with my fear of missing out on certain items. Take, for instance, these pants I spotted on Instagram. In an instant, I was convinced I needed them—like they were the holy grail of my wardrobe struggles. Then, reality hit: my no-buy challenge. Cue the panic. What if I miss out on snagging these life-changing pants because of my commitment to this challenge?

But here's the kicker: I already have black pants. And guess what? When I bought those, I was convinced they were the answer to all my dressing dilemmas, too. Yet, here I am, still on the eternal quest for the perfect pair of pants.

Do you ever find yourself in a similar internal tug-of-war between the allure of new purchases and the reality check of what you already own?

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After a whirlwind holiday season and the joy of welcoming a new baby, I've made the decision to put the brakes on my shopping habit. My goal for this month is to shop my closet, refine my personal style, and hold off on any new purchases.

Here are my rules:

  1. No buying clothes—period.

  2. Only restock skincare or makeup as needed.

  3. Resist the urge to splurge on home decor.

Additionally, I'll be transparent about anything I've added to my online cart this month without actually hitting "purchase." If I'm still lusting after something by the end of the month, then maybe I'll reconsider.

Today's almost-purchase would have been a tortoiseshell spoon. Do I need it? Absolutely not. But do I think it would bring a little extra joy to my morning coffee ritual? Absolutely YES.

1 purchase avoided, 28 more days to go. What's your go-to strategy for curbing impulse buys?

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